Correction of downward turning & asymmetry of corners of mouth with 1ml syringe of dermal fillers




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I have been receiving treatments from Dr Ola for over a year now. She is extremely professional and makes you feel at ease. The fact that she is a registered GP means I know am in good hands. Would highly recommend.

I have had the pleasure of getting my Botox done by Ola a few times now and am always so pleased. Ola takes the time to assess my individual needs and gives me clear advice on what, or in some cases, what I DON'T need which is super as I know she has my interests at heart.

However, I recently had some fillers done with Ola and all I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! She did the folds around my mouth which were making me look permanently sad and even fixed my lopsided smile! The results were instant! Yes, there was a little bruising and redness but nothing I couldn't cover the following day with make up. One week later and I honestly can say I've never looked better. The boost to my confidence is huge and I'm wearing red lipstick again which I haven't worn since my 20's!

I can't praise Ola enough! Her professional manner, honest advice and dedication to achieving individual results are the best anywhere! I'm turning 40 and can honestly say for the first time in years I LOVE MY FACE. Thank you so much Ola.

I had been thinking for a while about having Botox but was very nervous as I hate the startled plastic look. Dr A was friendly, professional and took time to explain the procedure and listened to what I wanted.

The actual procedure was very quick and painless.  I had thought that the results would be instant, but as Dr A explained, it can take up to 2 weeks before you see the full effect.  

I am thrilled with the results - the frown line that's bothered me for so long has gone and I don't look plastic! No one has noticed that I've had Botox - they just comment on me looking good. 

I would highly recommend Dr A - she made me feel at ease throughout and I'm so happy with the results - I will be going again.

I highly recommend dra-aesthetic. Ola put me at ease, the treatment was quick, professional and painless. I am extremely pleased with the natural looking results.

Amazing! Really enjoyed it; really released the tension from jaw muscles and cleared off wrinkles on my forhead. Venue was nice, clean, Dr Ola really friendly and helpful. Thank You X.

I have always been nervous and reluctant of having anything done on my face, however when I decided to have a treatment of Botox and approached Ola to have this done, it was a very pleasant experience.

Ola was very professional and experienced, she explained the procedure to me in detail and answered all my queries. She asked me what I wanted and did exactly that in a relaxed and confidence way.

Ola's treatment room was very clean, simple and bright which helped me to relax and enjoy the treatment.

I will go back for a further treatment with no hesitation and recommend this to everybody.

Upon meeting Ola, I was immediately at ease and was made to feel very comfortable. We discussed my treatment as I was looking to achieve fuller, more even lips, as my lips are slightly uneven on one side to the next.

Ola listened very carefully to my requirements and I felt there was absolutely no pressure put on me to go ahead with the treatment. I instantly felt as though I could trust Ola and was happy to book my lip filler.

I was, and still am very pleased with the outcome of my treatment and have recently had my second treatment to go slightly fuller.

I highly recommend Ola as she is very friendly, listens carefully and offers the best advice based on your requirements. 

Efficient, friendly and (almost?!) pain free... Incredibly convenient as Ola came to my house, a god send with two small children. She is friendly and very thorough. I am incredibly happy with the results and would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.